Nature Tour

Nature Tour

Duration: 2 days and 1 hour / Difficulty: Moderate

Join us for a get away weekend into the wild!

Get ready to canoe a part of the Scanian calm stream RönneÅ. Be a part of a fantastic guided journey with everything from volcano to eatable plants. Walk over footbridges, through fir forest, upp on a volcano and down to an open fire and make your own Swedish food with 0km and eco ingredients, and some that the nature has to offer. Sit around the fire and make new friends until you fall asleep under the stars in a tent, at Force of Natures basecamp. Wake up with yoga/forest bathing and fireplace breakfast. Hike from basecamp to Söderåsen Nationalpark with great history from the ice age and with a breath taking beach forest. And of course will we finish with a Swedish Fika.

Force of Nature will learn you what nature has to offer, both in what natures health effects and what eatable plants there are to eat. We will also guide both paddling, hiking on Skåneleden trail and your overnight stay in tent, so you can relax and enjoy.

You will get from point A to B for your own power, on water, over the springs, through the perennial forest, upp on the old volcano, down to the open fire and prepare food from, among other things, what nature has to offer. Sleep well under the stars and start the day with a good cup of ”kokkaffe” and a yoga/forest bathing (mindfulness in nature) session for hikers. Experience Söderåsens National Park and feel the recreation nature has to offer. Learn more about nature and nightlife, join in and create a three-course dinner over open fire, fill up with new energy and get to know new lovely friends around campfire.

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